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Rabu, 26 Maret 2014

Ainuo Instrument AN9651B (F)

Ainuo Instrument AN9651B (F)

Ainuo AN9651B Electrical Safety Comprehensive Tester

  • Compliant with IEC60335, GB4706.1-2005, GB4943 standard requirements;
  • Measurement Accuracy of electrical safety test is 3% and Measurement Accuracy of power test is 0.5%;
  • Can preset 15 groups,7 items per group;
  • Delete former forcibly self-check function, add compensation function to compensate GB,IR,ACW,LC test at any time, more convenient for users;
  • Standard device for appliance test, suitable for testing more than 800 appliance production lines;
  • Blue LCD display, all measurement parameters are displayable;
  • Enhanced communication with remote control and test results can be saved instantly;
  • Steady output supply voltage and current for all tests;
  • Supply 50Hz and 60Hz frequency, a highly integrated electrical safety test instrument
  • Enhanced test analysis, memory, alarm setting, error offset, and auto protection functions
  • Built-in isolated transformer to improve the reliability & safety of operation;
  • Equip with custom design high speed test programs

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